We pride ourselves on the things that make us unique. All the odd quirks we have about a particular flavour of ice-cream or a film we saw as a kid that we still continue to rave about. There’s no template for life that can tell us who we are or what we should do. When you choose a generic template, you take out the opportunity to express something undeniably you. When designing your next PowerPoint, avoid the trap of built-in PowerPoint templates and really say something that no one else can.

First things first,

What’s the difference between PowerPoint themes and templates?

A theme is a set of colours, fonts, and effects defined by a Slide Master. Master layouts define the size and positions of background images and arrange elements on the slide.

template is a theme and content. This means not only do you get the design but the associated content with the design.

Why You Hold Onto Templates

Time Saver: there’s so much to do already, you don’t have the time to design an entire presentation.

Not a Designer: while you probably enjoy art and had a crack at re-creating a Pollock, you’re not a wiz at design programs.

It’s There: a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush – and it makes sense, right? The templates are convenient and built-into the program, allowing you to start creating your presentation with little hassle.

Why It’s Time to Move On

It’s Lazy: it’s noticeable that you just picked a built-in template because your audience has seen it before on their own computer.

There’s No Branding: presentations for internal or external audiences are platforms to build brand awareness. Design that’s inconsistent with the business, product, or service immediately appears unrelated to greater business initiatives and marketing strategies.

Your Design is Generic: while you’ve accepted you’re not a designer, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for mediocrity. When you choose templates, they’re not tailored designs and this leads to your graphics, data visualisations, and content looking cluttered and incoherent. Templates offer little design variation, automatically re-using fonts, same colours throughout, and with little use of design principles.

Templates are super convenient for people constantly on-the-go. It allows business leaders to ease-off the design burden and allocates better time for value-driven tasks. Don’t get us wrong, templates are fantastic. But you need to ditch to the built-in PowerPoint template. There are a variety of templates available for download online or you can speak to our design team today for a bespoke PowerPoint template for your business needs.

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