There are a host of experts out there who’ve produced insightful presentation books. Considering the various disciplines and skills, these presentation experts come from different industries and walks of life to write presentation books that have helped people write, design, and deliver more compelling presentations.

‘Presentation Zen Design: A simple visual approach to presenting in today’s world’ by Garr Reynolds

Design is all about creating a sense of balance and harmony. Garr Reynolds recognises how this Zen approach lends to more impactful designs, often by abiding by the golden design rule, ‘keeping it simple’. Garr highlights the value of simplicity when creating presentations through the use of text, graphs, colour, images, and video content. By combining Zen design principles with compelling storytelling, Garr’s book offers a host of useful tips on communicating more clearly to build a stronger connection with audiences.

‘Confessions of a Public Speaker’ by Scott Berkun 

Public speaking is still a greatest fear for many of us as people panic of the prospect of forgetting lines, boring an audience, or simply freezing-up on stage. Public speaking specialist, Scott Berkun offers practical advice and insightful anecdotes to help presenters speak with confidence and conviction. Whether you’re facing a tough crowd, a super technical presentation, or simple presenter’s nerves, Scott’s book can help you become a presenter that inspires and engages audiences while and exuding an easy confidence.

‘How to Deliver a TED Talk: Secrets of the World’s Most Inspiring Presentations’ by Jeremy Donovan

With over 100 useful tips from opening your presentation to evoking audience response, Jeremy Donovan’s presentation book can transform anyone into a TED Talk presenter. In contrast to other presentation books, Jeremy stresses that whenever possible, presenters should ditch the slides and just talk. This is probably good advice for TED Talks, but even some of the most engaging TED Talks have utilised PowerPoint slides to help illustrate the point being made. Another key difference is Jeremy’s focus on the presenter’s ideas rather than what the audience wants since TED Talks are tailored towards a much wider audience than your next sales presentation. Despite some differences in ideas and approach, this presentation book still offers some great insights to help build presentation confidence and audience engagement.

‘Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds’ by Carmine Gallo

Similar to the previous presentation book, Carmine Gallo looks at the methodology for presentation through the lens of TED Talks. Carmine’s presentation book offers step-by-step instructions for building an engaging, persuasive, and memorable presentation. He also sits down with popular TED speakers to ask about their tips and techniques for presenting confidently and convincingly. The nine rules Carmine outlines are universal tips that could work for a TED Talk or simple business presentation, outlining the importance of connecting with audiences, inspiring them to dream bigger and see the world from your presentation’s perspective.

‘slide:ology: The Art and Science of Presentation Design’ by Nancy Duarte

A friend of Synapsis Creative and fellow member of the Presentation Guild, Nancy Duarte has been helping business think visually and present confidently for years. In Nancy’s presentation book, she offers valuable insights and step-by-step methods for creating easy-to-understand slides that complement your presentation. Nancy also provides a collection of case studies that demonstrate how the world’s biggest brands incorporate her visual theories and techniques to create engaging presentations and content.

‘Secrets Successful Speakers: How You Can Motivate, Captivate, and Persuade’ by Lilly Walters

Understanding how impactful presenters motivate audiences and persuade them into action, Lilly Walters’ presentation book offers a useful guide to speaking like a professional. Lilly’s book highlights 11 steps on how to create stage presence, each stage with practical exercises to help you implement new insights. From the initial writing stages to delivery of a memorable presentation experience, Lilly’s book can help presenters eliminate stage fright and deliver presentations effortlessly.

‘Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die’ by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Chip and Dan Heath’s book explores the anatomy of ideas that resonate, looking at how to make these ideas stickier, ensuring audiences are left thinking about what’s been presented, compelling to know and understand more. Using a variety of techniques and principles supported by successful and failure case studies, this book will help you communicate in a way that’s sure to stick with audiences, creating winning ideas that stick around long after your delivery.



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