When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, your audience’s attention is precious. So how do you maintain it? Simple! With these 6 secret tips for making interesting PowerPoints.

Share a story


Did you know humans process stories better than logic? The simple fact is, we’ve evolved to appreciate stories. By structuring your presentation like a story, you’ll be sure to share your message more effectively.

To do that, give your presentation the following:

  • A set-up – What’s the current situation?
  • A problem – What’s happened to upset that situation?
  • A struggle – What were the consequences of that problem?
  • A solution – How did we come out of that struggle on top?

Remember, you can turn a slideshow on any subject into a great story. All you have to do is structure it like one.



Add animation

Humans are naturally drawn to moving images. Lucky for us, an animation is incredibly easy to pull off in PowerPoint. It doesn’t have to be Disney either. A few simple animation effects can draw attention to important information in your Powerpoint. For instance, if you’re worried your audience won’t pay attention to another pie chart, animate the segments!

On the note of animation…



Use eye-catching images


Look at this classic slide-deck from Ted:



Doesn’t that first slide immediately grab your attention? Of course it does! It uses an unusual image and an impactful font. Now imagine the alternative:


interesting, The 6 Secrets of Interesting PowerPoints


See what we mean? To add to that…



Use interesting fonts


Ever seen a friend of yours get an interesting haircut? Notice how you can’t stop staring at it? Fonts are a little like that. Everyone knows the alphabet, so it’s interesting to see it try on a new look.

There are plenty of online sources for fantastic fonts. There are also five rules to follow for effective typography.


Keep it simple


The simple truth to life is that less is more. That same truth applies to PowerPoint design.

There are a few good ways to bring simplicity to your slideshows. The easiest way to keep your presentation simple is to spread your ideas out. Specifically, each of your slides should only contain one key message.

Another excellent way to simplify your slides is to condense your text. Instead of putting an entire paragraph on a slide, see if you can condense it down to one word or sentence.

Above all, do your best to eliminate distractions in your slides.



Add variety


Turns out the spice of life can save your audience’s interest from death.

It’s easy to give your PowerPoint a little variety. Even better, it’s also fun. Try mixing up your colours or throwing an odd-ball picture into the mix.

While you’re mixing things up, make sure you keep a few elements consistent. Do your best to stick to one font and colour palette. Otherwise, your presentation can fall into chaos.


We hope you use these 6 secret tips to make your next presentation more interesting. To make it even more interesting, contact our professional presentation designers today.

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