Static PowerPoint presentations may be great for big meetings or conferences. However, interactive PowerPoint allows viewers a more in depth experience guided by themselves. Interactive PowerPoint presentations provide a powerful way to connect with and engage an audience for a wide variety of purposes. It’s time to consider how interactive PP presentations can work for your organisation.



What Are Interactive PowerPoint Presentations Anyway?

True to their name, interactive PP presentations invite viewers to engage with them instead of watching them passively. At first glance, these presentations look and act like a regular website or application. They can be exported in HTML5, PDF, Flash and other formats for optimum usability and flexibility.

These presentations revolve around interactive buttons and triggers. A viewer is taken to outside resource materials when a viewer pushes on an interactive button. Think of these presentations as maps that provide options to viewers but don’t set a course of exploration for them.

Finding Opportunities for Interactive PP Presentations

When used well, interactive presentations can drive audience engagement or help you accomplish business goals. Of course, not all situations are a good fit for an interactive PP presentation. Knowing when to choose interactivity and when to opt for a more traditional, presenter-guided experience is essential to the success of your presentation. Consider these five situations where an interactive presentation is likely to suit viewer needs or business goals.


Interactive PowerPoint, 5 Reasons You Need Interactive PowerPoint

Testing a mobile application

Imagine that your business wants to launch a mobile app but isn’t sure how potential users will respond. An interactive PP presentation allows viewers to interact with an app before learning about programming the application. This is a great way to get feedback about an app’s functionality before you make a major investment to launch it. For the best results, create a survey with both closed- and open-ended questions for users to answer after they’ve interacted with the PowerPoint version of your app.


Interactive PowerPoint, 5 Reasons You Need Interactive PowerPoint

Demonstrating business capabilities or products to clients

Have you ever wished that you could set up a kiosk where your clients or vendors could get more information about your products or services while they’re at your work site? With an interactive PP presentation, that’s totally possible. You can map out the information you want clients to have access to while they’re on your site. Then, you’ll just need to provide a touchscreen device that they can use when they need more information. This is a great way to showcase product options and let clients explore specs if you offer customised merchandise.


Providing a touchscreen experience at a trade show

Standing apart from the crowd is essential to your organisation’s success at any trade show. An interactive presentation lets viewers get acquainted with your brand without relying on face-to-face contact. An interactive presentation makes a great deal of sense for a trade show because it does more than just provide high-value information. It also lets visitors interact with your brand when all of your on-floor representatives are busy speaking with other guests.


Interactive PowerPoint, 5 Reasons You Need Interactive PowerPoint

Presenting multifaceted lessons to students or employees

An interactive PP gives your audience freedom to explore all of the information in a way that they understand. The audience will then stay on track and allow them to navigate information that is most interest to them.  The audience can then easily digest this information before moving on to new topics. These presentations provide a great way to supplement lectures or tackle employee training tasks.

Helping viewers navigate a large document

Presenting complex information to an audience is always challenging. However, an interactive presentation can make the task at least a little easier. An interactive PP presentation can help viewers navigate information in a particularly large document. It can function much like an e-book where viewers can easily select a certain part of the document to visit. This is a great way to present an on-site user guide for business machinery or processes.

Making Interactive PP Presentations That Impress

Letting your audience engage with a PP presentation is a great way to increase viewer attention and retention. Of course, designing an interactive PowerPoint document can present a variety of logistic and aesthetic challenges. That’s why it’s essential for your organisation to work with a partner that understands the dynamics of interactive PP presentations. That way they can help you create a document that truly meets your needs.

Interactive PowerPoint, 5 Reasons You Need Interactive PowerPoint



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