Have a presentation coming up? Don’t bore your colleagues with the same old slides they always see. Spice things up with these 5 awesome PowerPoint hacks.

Design Ideas

This interesting little feature suggests alternate designs for your slides based on the content within them. Want to quickly whip up a PowerPoint which looks like it’s had hours pumped into it? Pop on over to the Design tab and click the button on the far right.

PowerPoint hacks, 5 Awesome PowerPoint Hacks For Your Next Presentation

On the side of your slides, you’ll see all sorts of interesting suggestions for your slides. Click on any of them, and they’ll automatically be applied to your slide. Even if you don’t, they can serve as an easy source of inspiration. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our portfolio.


Morph animations

This is one of those PowerPoint hacks with a misleading name. You won’t find it under the Animations tab. Instead, you’ll need to start with objects on a slide. Duplicate the slide, then move those objects in your second slide to wherever you’d like them to sit. Now, with the second slide selected, click the Transitions tab. Click on Morph, and you’ll automatically animate the movement of those objects!


Turn your cursor into a laser pointer

As any super-villain would say, you always need more lasers. To add a powerful oomph to your presentation, hold down the control key and the left mouse button when in presentation mode. Your laser will even show up if you record your presentation.


Real-time collaboration

Picture this: It’s the night of your deadline. You and your group need to get your PowerPoint ready to go. Normally you’d order pizza and pull a few chairs around your laptop, but not tonight. One of your group’s in bed with a freaky flu. Another one’s abandoned you all for their beach-house in Bermuda. No one can get together until tomorrow. What do you do?

Simply click the share button in the top right corner of PowerPoint, then invite them all to edit it remotely in real-time. You’ll have to get them to add their emails to OneDrive, but it’s so worth it. Once they’re in, you’ll be able to see each other’s edits in real-time. You can even open up a group chat to help guide you! This is one of those PowerPoint hacks that’s so handy, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


3D animation

This is one of the newest PowerPoint hacks that we’re most excited about. We’ve written about how PowerPoint’s accessible 3D animation has the power to help do everything from raise millions to save lives. To access it, all you have to do is insert a 3D Model through the Insert tab. Now, click on the Animations tab and add any 3D animations you like. As you can see from our other articles, the only limit to its use is your imagination.


We hope these hacks help you make your next presentation perfect. Not so sure you can pull off perfect? Get in touch with one of our professional PowerPoint designers.

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