Presentation designer roles are one of the fastest growing design disciplines in the industry.

It has many benefits including stability, higher pay and more employment opportunities. Here are 4 reasons why a PowerPoint designer could be the right career move for you.


It’s a Stable Job

The turnover in a typical design agency is extremely high. There is such a high turnover because larger teams increase clashes of creative opinions. Fortunately, presentation designers normally work as solo operators or in small teams. When you are employed by a corporate company, however, your forte will be appreciated by employees who are not familiar with PowerPoint design.


You Get Better Pay

Graphic designers that overlook PowerPoint may want to rethink their options. The average salary of a presentation is $30,000 higher than that of a graphic designer. An extra $30,000 is massive incentive for a career change.


You’ll Be in Demand

As presentation gains traction, the small niche of PowerPoint designers will receive more employment. There aren’t enough PowerPoint designers to fill the roles currently out there. Its a sellers market for those with the skills. There isn’t a week that goes by without myself or one of my team members receiving a job offer. Companies are realising they can no longer have their staff produce external facing presentations. This is evident by the panicked decisions of companies electing to ditch PowerPoint across the whole company (a poor choice, if you ask me) and by the companies hiring teams of designers or partnering with specialist design agencies to produce their PowerPoints.


You’ll Be a Multi-Discipline Specialist

There aren’t many designers out there that create brochure layouts one day and storyboards for videos the next. Presentation design requires technical specialty that branches into three main areas of design. You’ll be exposed to page design, animation design and interactive design.


Presentation Designer Opportunities

If you have the skills in PowerPoint, you should look into a job in presentation design. You should note that job advertisements for presentation design are often hard to find.
Presentation Design jobs are often labelled as:

  • Desktop publishing (DTP)
  • Desktop Specialist, PowerPoint Design
  • Visual Communication design
  • Content designer
  • Information designer.


If you’re a presentation designer, please comment below and tell us your thoughts about your career. Does this career choice interest you?

If you’re not a presentation designer, tell us your thoughts on this growing industry. Is it valid? Has it cheated its way into industry status through tools like PowerPoint replacing or coexisting with design suites like Adobe CC?



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