Hiring a presentation designer can be daunting. Because you don’t know their work, how do you know if they’ll work well with your brand?

Here are four questions to ask presentation designers before hiring them:

How did you get into presentation design?


Presentation design is a niche industry. It has no degrees, and attracts everyone from illustrators to videographers.

Because of this, it’s always good to ask how your designer got into the field. This helps you understand their other design experience, which could be used to augment your presentation. It also shows you how long they’ve been focused specifically on presentation design.



What project are you most proud of?


Presentation design is an art, and art takes passion. An artist’s true passion is shown in the work they’re most proud of.


When your designer answers this question, there are several things you should look out for:


They show pride in the client

“It was an honour to work with _____. They do such great work with ____, so I was proud to be a part of that.” If their pride is tied up in their client, that’s a good sign they’ll immerse themselves in your brand.


They’re proud of overcoming obstacles

“I had one hour to update a hundred slides. I spent twenty minutes making a simple macro that did it automatically, then fourty minutes on my next project.” A statement like that’s a good sign that your designer is both a hard worker and a smart worker.


They have pride in the outcome

“That presentation led directly to over a hundred sales. The client bought me a bottle of champagne!” If they show pride in the outcome of that presentation, they’re definitely in this for more than a paycheck.



How will you avoid technical problems?


There are two main ways to avoid technical problems. As they answer this question, listen up for answers like:


Designing your presentation for the presentation

Good presentation designers know that what you produce on your laptop won’t look like what you present. When it’s blown up on a big screen, colours and images can get distorted. To avoid this, the best designers test their work on protectors throughout the project.


Testing the presentation in the space

Experience shows you that a thousand things can go wrong on the day. To steer clear of disaster, experienced designers test their presentation on the equipment you’ll be using. That means making sure it shows up on your project, and ensuring your speakers carry sound.



What will you do to make sure I’m happy with the presentation?


The way they answer this question is a clear indicator of how well they work with others. This is so important to establish before hiring, as some designers think they’re the be-all and end-all.

Ideally they’ll offer to work collaboratively. This is easy to achieve with PowerPoint, as the programs packs some powerful collaborative design tools.


As you can see, it only takes four questions to find your perfect presentation designer. To skip hiring and jump straight to design, talk to our team of presentation designers today.





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