The right stock image can add a lot to your PowerPoint. But how do you find that one perfect image? Better yet, how do you find that one image without spending a fortune?

Let our team of professional presentation designers take you through their favourite stock image sites.



Our designer Alice has a lot of affection for Pixabay. In her own words, “It got me through design school.” The main advantage of Pixabay (especially for poor design students) is that it’s absolutely free!

You read that right. Every stock image on there is free for commercial use. No attribution is required, and you won’t find any watermarks on there either. So why don’t we stop this list right now?

The problem with Pixabay is that the quality can vary wildly. You’ll find just as many professional images as pixellated eyesores.

This is because Pixabay’s uploads are not curated. Instead of presenting a curated selection of images, Pixabay allows anyone to upload almost anything. This does mean that the stock image selection is outstanding, so it’s a site we still recommend.



Getty Images


If you’re in graphic design you’ve got to know Getty. As our graphic designer Zeeshan so beautifully put it, “Getty Images is bae.”

Getty Images offers an excellent curation of stock images. The site has a clean interface that offers numerous search options. Whether you want a hard-hitting editorial image or something a little more creative, Getty gets you.

As well as images, Getty offers videos and music to make your next presentation pop. All these can be saved in mood boards, making your presentation design much easier.

The only downside is that Getty Images can get a little expensive. A large image usually costs at least a few hundred dollars. Of course, you can use any image for thirty days on a complimentary basis. This is extremely helpful when you want to test an image without buying one.


stock image, The 4 Best Stock Image Sites


This is one of those sites that does what it says on the tin. offers a wide range of free images that can be downloaded without an account. Though they’ve saved our designers hundreds of hours and dollars, there are a few downsides.

First of all, the interface is a little unusual. With a colour scheme that only varies a little between light grey and white, you will likely get lost.

On top of that, you’ll often click a stock image only to find it links to iStock: A site that stocks paid images. This just seems sneaky for a site that sells itself as a source of free images.





Last but not least, freepik is perhaps the best source of free vectors online. The site serves up thousands of free vectors, icons, and photoshop files absolutely free. All you have to do is credit the authors. Otherwise, you can pay for a premium option that currently costs $9.99 a month.

For an updated look at some of our favourite stock image sites, see our latest list here. We hope you use these websites to wow your audience with your next presentation. Of course, images are only a small part of impressing an audience. To really stun them, speak to our professional presentation designers today.

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  • Amy Hasenyager says:

    One of my current favorites is Gorgeous images. The only down side is, it’s not terribly keyword savvy if you need something specific. However, the quality of images on this site is undeniably top notch and I love that it offers an easy way to make and share collections.

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