An ancient Pythagorean cult believed that numbers formed the basis of the universe. The remnants of that odd (to put it mildly) idea finds its significance in cultures all over the world. The number thirteen is often omitted from hotel doors and building floors, aeroplane rows, and considered an ominous date if it falls on a Friday. The same goes for the number four in China because it sounds like the Mandarin word for “death.” The number seven is generally considered a lucky number in many cultures – seven days in a week; seven colours of the rainbow; heck, even Snow White had seven helpful dwarfs. Number superstitions evoke such an emotional response in people that it affects commercial sales internationally. Numbers have symbolic power – it’s the reason why living to one hundred is a big deal; why giving one hundred percent is when you’ve absolutely put your all into something; and why our 100th blog post is something special to us at Synapsis Creative.

We’ve accumulated over 92,000 words since starting our blog post journey. That’s more words than J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and George Orwell’s 1984. And while we might not be writing for the Pulitzer, we’ve written blogs that have hopefully helped you in some way, either through our design tips, presentation education, or just provided food for thought. Our blog has covered everything from graphic design, 3D animation, data visualisation, to corporate PowerPoints. We hope that as the year comes to a close, we’ll continue to write content that brings value to you and whatever you choose to create.

Synapsis creative achievement

Synapsis Creative has grown significantly since its conception 4 years ago. Our partnerships have gone from strength to strength and we’ve continued to form prosperous relationships with businesses from a variety of industries. The Synapsis Creative team went from two guys for blog post to a team of people based in Australia and overseas. And while we’re no NBA Dream Team (a lot of short people work here), many of us have made some quirky observations about what it’s like at Synapsis Creative.


“No one in the office knew that sheep had tails – everyone was shook.” – Sophia, a wise Account Manager.

“Tom once said [jokingly] that he’d fire me if I kept asking for a larger work fridge.” – Gloria, a very hungry Content Writer.

“Everyone in this office is a geek – three of us own Arwen’s Evenstar from LOTR.” – Sam, a happy Junior Art Director.

“I called it Shamrock Green”Stephanie, a Junior Graphic Designer reflecting on Tom’s choice of pantone.


Okay, that might not make entire sense to you. But we like to think our inside jokes, last-minute team lunches, and our communal snacks, means that we work better together and have fun making stuff too.

With much appreciation from the Synapsis Crew, thanks for your support over the years!



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