PowerPoint is a powerful presentation resource, but there’s no harm in using some outside assistance. When looking at useful tools and resources, presentations lend itself to so many design styles, assets, and needs, so here are ten presentation resources to address a sorts of design requirements.

  1. The Noun Project

PowerPoint’s default move is to include bulletpoints in the body of your slides. But, as we’ve written before, bulletpoints are best avoided in PowerPoint. Iconography can lend some personality and individualism to your bulletpoints and on-screen images. The Noun Project offers thousands of icons to search from, so you can find an icon that speaks to your content and audience. Furthermore, all content on the site is free if you attribute the source to the artist. Ditch the bulletpoints and find some fun, unique, and creative icons for your next PowerPoint with The Noun Project.

  1. Envato Elements

As a subscription-based model, Envato Elements offers a wide range of creative assets and presentation resources for presenters and designers. This comprehensive digital market offers graphics, web and video templates, audio files, photographs, WordPress themes and codes, stock images, and even a portal for hiring creative professionals such as designers and developers through Envato Studio. The Envato page also offers video courses and eBook resources through Envato Tuts+, outlining how to use different programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress, and more. This one-stop shop for all things creative is a powerful presentation resource for those looking to design with ease and convenience.

  1. Font Squirrel

If you’re a big font nerd like us, Font Squirrel is sure to delight you. This free website offers a comprehensive library of free fonts for you to download and install. The site also includes a font identifier that allows you to upload an image and the page will determine what font is being used within it. Font Squirrel also includes a font generator if you’re looking to upload and create your own webfont kit. Check out Font Squirrel’s deep directory of fonts and find the right font for your next PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Behance

Brought to you by the folks at Adobe, Behance is a powerful platform for creatives looking to share and exhibit their design work. With over 10 million members worldwide, this valuable resource has all kinds of illustrations, PowerPoint templates, inspiring photography, and captivating designs. Whether looking for design resources, a bit of inspiration, or a channel for sharing your portfolio, check out Behance and explore the creative possibilities.

  1. Unsplash

With a library of over two million photos, Unsplash is dedicated to sharing stock photos and images to the world for free. Since the page was acquired by Getty Images this year, the site continues providing a wealth of images to designers while offering photographers a platform for sharing and building engagement.

However, be wary that Unsplash enters all its photos into public domain, but there are numerous images that on the page include people, logos, brands, and copyright designs that may be restricted from commercial use. While Unsplash claims all images are public domain, photographers have mentioned that the ‘remove’ option is no longer available to them and there are some instances where photos uploaded free to Unsplash have resurfaced on other photo libraries at a cost.

  1. Coverr

Stock video can be difficult to come by, but Coverr offers free stock video files. You don’t even need to register to download the footage. The stock video collection continues growing with recent categories of ‘COVID-19’ and ‘Work form Home’ video files – all with commercial licence included. While Coverr’s library is limited, the site also offers links to some of Shutterstock’s paid content, demonstrating that these files are generally more costly and challenging to find.

  1. Pond5

Pond5 is an extensive presentation resource for stock photography, videos, music, sound effects, animation, images, and 3D models. The platform offers a subscription or pay-per-item model, making it convenient for those looking for useful presentation resources across all media. Pond5 has a growing library of high quality and unique design assets no matter what platform or subject matter you’re looking for.

  1. Infogram

We’re always fans of data visualisation, but understand it isn’t always the easiest thing to create. Infogram provides infographics, reports, dashboards, maps, charts, and other presentation resources. Data visualisation is much easier to create and polish with Infogram and organisations can work on a single design across the whole team in real time. Infogram also makes it easy to export across different formats, making it easy to share your presentation resources on social media, embedded in websites, and more.

  1. Pixlr

If there is one design area where PowerPoint may fall short, it’s image editing. Admittedly, other programs simplify the image editing process, but Pixlr is a great free online tool for photo editing that saves you having to download software. The page also offers templates for social media, presentations, and print formats. Pixlr also offers a simple image collage creator and easy background erase tool – saving you a lot of time and effort image editing in preparation for your next presentation.