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Elevate the creativity and effectiveness of your PowerPoint presentations to clearly convey your message, inspire your audience and produce desired results with Synapsis Creative.

synapsis creative, Homepage


Where inspiration meets ability

At Synapsis Creative, we live and breathe design but with a playful twist – we work in PowerPoint. Sure, PowerPoint has gotten a lot of misdirected hate over the years, but our experience with the software demonstrates PowerPoint’s flexibility and boundless creative potential.

Whether for print, presentation, video, or interactive design – our team understand what it takes to transform an idea or concept into a beautifully crafted PowerPoint file that clients can amend and edit with ease.

Please feel free to explore our portfolio, blog, and resource library to see what’s possible with a little Synapsis creativity.

synapsis creative, Homepage
synapsis creative, Homepage


Our personal PowerPoint collection

With the versatility of PowerPoint, We’ve been able to build a dynamic portfolio of previous work across a wide range of clients and industries.

From stunning print designs to fully interactive assets complete with video animation and digital support… we’ve done it all.

Check out some of our favourite projects in:


Our comprehensive guides to all things design in PowerPoint

When a brief blog simply won’t suffice, we’ve taken a deep dive on everything related to presentation design – from building webinars to graphic design principles, explore the ins and outs of our design capabilities and theresources we use to brush up on those learnings.


Welcome to the wonderful world of PowerPoint wizardry

Looking for some inspiration, PowerPoint tips, preparation tricks, or presentation hacks?

We’ve got a wealth of information and industry insights right here.

Our blog is updated weekly with new content for the designer in each of us.

Our latest Articles:

synapsis creative, Homepage
synapsis creative, Homepage

freebies and resources

Saving you time and sanity

If you’re still hungry for knowledge, then our free resource library should satisfy.

No matter if you’re keen to try some design work yourself or catch a glimpse of how we approach projects – our resources are here to help you understand the power of design and how it can help you.

Plus – it’s free – and everything just tastes a little better when it’s complementary.

synapsis creative, Homepage
synapsis creative, Homepage


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